Baseball Anounces The Newest Signing Class

Baseball Anounces The Newest Signing Class

Blazer Baseball Welcomes Newest Signing Class


The future on the diamond is looking bright for the Blazers as the baseball team announces their next signing class.  "We've begun to expect a certain level of success on the field" says Head Coach Corey Mercer as he prepares for his 15th season as skipper of the Blazers. The Blazers are adding the following players to the 2018-2019 roster. 


Walker Paz- Middle Infielder- TCS Post Grad/Hill College

Coach Mercer on Walker- "Very few times do you see a player and know your looking at an incredible athlete who will be able to one day write his own ticket. I think that's the kind of player this young man could be. His skills on the field are clearly athletic and strong. I see this kid having the kind of year that makes us as coaches look like we are doing a great job. We are very excited to see this young man compete for us next year!"

Coach Robinson (TCS Post Grad) on Walker "Walker was a catalyst for us and showed his ability to be produce at the plate and in the middle infield.  Offensively, he has surprising power for a guy of his stature but excels at working counts and finding a way on base. Once he is on base he can have an impact on the game with his speed and ability to steal a bag. His skill set should enable him to contribute to a team in several ways."


Colt Davis-1st Base-Weatherford High School

Coach Mercer on Colt- "Our field is usually a pitcher's paradise because of the dimensions of the outfield fence, but after seeing Colt hit batting practice at our field we had to wonder if someone changed the dimensions of our fences. Colt has an effortless amount of power that you only see with the most gifted of power hitters. Colt is a typical big body 1st baseman with a lot of pop. I am eager to watch him develop into a great hitter."

Coach Lee (Weatherford High School) on Colt – "Colt is an excellent young man with a lot of potential. He is a big strong 1st basemen that has tremendous power from the left side. Colt is type of kid that can keep practice fun and entertaining."


Pedro Puente-Outfielder- Chisolm Trail High School

Coach Strange on Pedro- "I am very excited to see Pedro on the field for us next year. He has a remarkable talent that you just can't teach a player. His speed will make him a threat in the outfield and on the base path. I know the brand of baseball we want to play and Pedro has the tools to give us a great chance to have success in those areas."

Coach Mickles (Chisolm Trail High School) on Pedro- "Pedro is an explosive athlete with a very high ceiling. Puente hit .356 in his senior year while stealing 16 bases as our starting left fielder for the Rangers. He has enough arm strength to man all 3 outfield positions and has consistent gap to gap power."


Wyatt Sparkman, Middle Infield, TCS Post Grad/West High School

Coach Mercer on Wyatt - "With Wyatt we are getting a very athletic and very energetic infielder which is exactly what we want as coaches. I believe that Wyatt has not yet discovered his fullest potential because his lean frame clearly gives him room to grow and gain strength. His glove work alone is going to make us even better in the infield."

Coach Becham (West High School) on Wyatt-"Wyatt was a big part of our state championship runs, he is dedicated to working hard and becoming the best player he can be on and off the field. He is very quick with his hands and can really pick it. He can hit the ball to all fields and will be a great addition to the Blazers!!!"


Zach Robinson, Outfielder, Lewisville High School

Coach Mercer on Zach – "Here is another example of a athlete full of potential. Zach has the ability to play in either corner outfield position and he will make us better because of his abilities in the field and at the plate. We are very excited to see where his career will go as a Blazer."

Coach Campbell (Lewisville High School) on Zach – "Zach was a three year starter as a DH and also in the outfield. He hit .273 for the season and .298 in district this year and was honorable mention all-district. Probably no one was more fun to coach than Zach because of his willingness to work hard every day and improve his game."


De'mondrick Hunter, Middle Infield, Lewisville High School

Coach Strange on De'mondrick – "I am so excited to see De'mondrick in uniform for the Blazers. This kid has superstar potential and has the ability to lead a team on the field. De'mondrick has the ability to play any position in the infield and could easily transition to any spot in the outfield too. His future is bright."

Coach Campbell (Lewisville High School) on De'mondrick – "De'mondrick was 2nd team all-district. He hit .309 on the season with 2 home runs and 13 RBI's. He also hit .295 in district and hit both home runs in district. He has also played football and has a really high ceiling as a player. He loves to play the game and was a joy to coach."


Yealex Lopez, 1st Basemen, Lewisville High School

Coach Strange on Yealex – "I could not be more excited then getting Yealex on campus for the next couple of years. Yealex has been a 3 year starter at Lewisville High School. I have the utmost respect for the long time coach there and knowing the district they play in gives me more confidence in what he will do at the college level. We are fortunate enough to get three players from Lewisville high school that as far as I am concerned these three players have been playing against college level competition for the last three years."

Coach Campbell (Lewisville High School) on Yealex – "Yealex was a 3 year starter for us at 1st Base. He batted in the middle of the order his entire career. This year he hit .310 on the season with 16 RBI's and hit .364 in district. He also made 1st team all-district this year. He loves to play the game, work hard at it, and succeed. He has been fun to coach."


Kolton Crumpton, Middle Infield, Greenville High School

Coach Strange on Kolton – "With Kolton we are getting a work horse type of kid that doesn't know the meaning of quit. He brings a surprising amount of athletic talent especially  for an infielder that doesn't have much size to him. I think this guy could play any position on the field but he clearly has a special gift for being able to play in the infield."

Coach Kozole (Greenville High School) on Kolton – "Kolton emerged early as a go to player on the field. He is ultra-competitive at everything and he is the guy I want competing for me weather its in baseball or a backyard game of washers I want him on my team. I believe that Kolton will continue to develop at the college level and I can not wait to follow his growth on the field."


Bryson Meyers, RHP, Paradise High School/Wayland Baptist College

Coach Strange on Bryson – "We are especially excited about this big body pitcher. He possesses all the attributes he needs to be a very competitive pitcher for us and can come in to a situation were he could potentially take a lot of innings for us right way. The fact that he was previously at a different college is all the better because he will come in with a certain type of experience that not all incoming players have. I suspect he will be able to sit comfortably in the 90's someday very soon."


Adam Williams, LHP, Weatherford High School

Coach Mercer on Adam – "Right away we had a good feeling about Adam. He has all the size you would ever want from a pitcher not to mention he's left handed. Adam has been experimenting with different arm slots trying to figure out how to be most productive. I think once he figures this all out then he will fit in our pitching staff and will have a chance to benefit from a lot of innings right away."

Coach Lee (Weatherford High School) on Adam – " Adam is a left handed pitcher that has really developed over the last year. He came on his senior year at Weatherford High School and pitched very well. The sky is the limit for Adam's future."


Donavan Martinez, RHP, South Grand Prairie High School

Coach  Strange on Donavan – "Donavan is a natural middle infielder who brings his same level of athletic abilities to the mound. Donavan is still relatively new as a pitcher having been turned into a full time pitcher in high school. His high school coach is a man that I have the utmost respect for and I know that he has been taught to respect the game and do all the little thinks right. I expect Donavan to bring that same level of respect to his game at the next level."

Coach Senato (Grand Prairie High School) on Donavan –"Donavan was flat out dominating this season. He has 2 plus pitches that he throws with intent. He pitches with no fear and a high level of confidence."


Andru Herford, LHP, South Grand Prairie High School

Coach Mercer on Dru – "just looking at Dru throw in the outfield will tell anyone who watches him that he more athletic then most pitchers. I think he will develop his stuff on the mound and I have no doubt that he will compete his tail off for us which is great. We think he got the stuff to step in right away and take some big innings for us."

Coach Senato (Grand Prairie High School) on Dru – "Dru has command of 3 pitches. He is very athletic . He threw and competed well against playoff caliber teams all season. He definitely has a huge up side."


Blake Hogan, RHP/Outfield, Arlington Heights High School


Coach Strange on Blake – "One look at this young man will tell you right away that he is athletic and powerful. He will find his place on the field in any of the corner outfield positions or on the mound. Make no mistake He can get the job done any where he chooses to apply his athletic abilities. I expect this kid will stand out in the class room and on the field. He comes from a high school program that is a baseball powerhouse and they have without a doubt prepared him for playing at the college level."


Jovan Bravo, Outfield/Infield/RHP, Haltom High School

Coach Strange on Jovan – "We think we are getting someone who has the chance to give us a good look all over the field. He can play infield and outfield plus he can pitch witch will give us a great look were ever he is on the field. It could be defensively or offensively either way Jovan has the chance to develop in to something special anywhere he is on the field."